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Our Top #GlutenFreeProblems

The gluten free world is fraught with danger. It seems flour lurks at every turn. That unsuspecting sauce? GLUTEN. That normal looking salad dressing? THEY PUT THE GLUTEN IN THERE TOO. Where can we go where there’s no gluten? Nowhere. We best just go home and make our dinner and watch telly and wonder what it’s like to be a… (jaws music now)… bread-eater. Here are the worst gluten free problems we face. And why they hurt us so. Do you feel our pain? The treacherous biscuit dunk Few things in life are as stressful as attempting to dunk a gluten free biscuit. Let’s not forget, these are biscuits that must struggle valiantly to stay in one piece before they’re even out of the box. Plunge them into piping hot tea and the world basically ends. You’ve been warned. The sauces that are full of secrets Want some sauce on that dinner of yours? Well you better check it real carefully, because there is flour in all the sauces. Even the sauces that should clearly …