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Gluten Free Pizza at GB Pizza, Exmouth Market

The London branch of Margate pizza restaurant GB Pizza makes gluten-free pizza bases – and they’re a damn lot better than the usual carboard catastrophes. The Telegraph’s Zoe Williams called them “outrageously edible”. Hurrah! Made off-site by gluten-free chef Annie, they handle cross-contamination with care, but do warn that they are a “wheaty” environment. Toppings feature top-notch ingredients in simple combinations: charcuterie from Brixton’s Cannon & Cannon, British mozzarella and Kentish vegetables. It all rounds off with flavour-packed gelato from Soho’s Gelupo. We all scream for ice cream, as they say.   GB Pizza, 50 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QE

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Polpo, Covent Garden

Covent Garden’s Polpo is the latest addition to the Polpo, Polpetto and Spuntino family of dark and moody no reservations restaurants by Mr Russell Norman. The concept is the same as its predecessors – bustling atmosphere, small sharing plates, great music and tumblers of very reasonable wine. All three are exclusively staffed by hipsters whose arms double as works of inky art. There’s absolutely no bookings, ever. And London absolutely loves them. Polpo have gone for rustic in a big way. The menu is printed on brown paper which doubles as your placemat. There are filament bulbs suspended from the ceiling with (gasp) no lampshades. They don’t seem to work that well either because it’s all dark and mysterious  inside. Everything is made of wood or metal or similar we’re-not-trying-very-hard-at-all type materials. It’s très cool. And now the food. The theme is small sharing plates of Italian origin. It’s meant to be Venetian. You’re meant to feel like you’re dining just off of St Mark’s Square, before you skip down the road to some Masked …