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Gluten Free Goodies at Leon

You’ll find tonnes of gluten free options at Leon – both sweet and savoury. But the thing I was most excited about on my last visit was the huge selection of gluten free baked goods (all in their own separate serving counter).   Behind the glass I found a gluten free brownie, double chocolate chip cookies, lemon and ginger crunch, billionaire’s shortbread, cherry bakewell and almond and orange cookie.   After some tricky decision-making I opted for the cookie (£2) – it didn’t disappoint. Chewy, chocolatey and totally delicious, I’ll be back soon to try the rest of the gluten free range. Check it out here.


Gluten Free BBQ at Bodean’s, Soho

If you haven’t visited Bodean’s BBQ, you need to. The chain of restaurants has taken London by storm, and now there are branches all across the capital. Back in 2002 Andre Blais had a dream – to bring the taste, the style, the soul of his beloved Kansas City barbecue to the UK. 10 years later, the Bodean’s family of diner-delis has branches all across the capital. And it’s totally gluten-free friendly – hip hip (hooray). You’ll find Bodeans BBQ in Soho, Fulham, Clapham, Tower Hill and Balham. We visited the Soho branch, after a traumatising trip to Oxford Street to attempt the ultimately unsuccessful purchase of a new sofa. On arrival we were asked whether we wanted to sit in the deli, which is a much more informal café style atmosphere with food in baskets and so on, or the downstairs restaurant which is a little more formal, but still quite relaxed. We went with the latter. There was a waiting time (there always is) but they add your name and number to the …

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Gluten Free Chicken Cravings at Nandos

The peri peri chicken temple of Nandos can do very little wrong, in our eyes. When it comes to eating out gluten free this is one of the best chain restaurants around.   The entire menu is clearly marked with which dishes are suitable for coeliacs and which aren’t, take a look here and click the little ‘i’ by the dish you fancy to check if it’s safe.     The best part is all the peri peri bastings they use for chicken are 100% gluten free, no matter how hot you want that chicken!     Too wimpy to go for anything stronger, we tried the medium hot peri peri chicken with a side order of fries (yep, they’re gluten free too!) and coleslaw. The food arrived incredibly fast, great if you’re in a rush or famished like we were. You probably don’t need us to tell you what Nandos chicken tastes like, but we’ll just say it is good. Real good!     Yes, the chips are clearly not home made and no …