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borough market gluten free

The Free From Bakehouse, Borough Market

Borough Market is a treasure trove of foodie wonders, even for gluten haters like us. The trophy for most gluten free friendly stall, though, must go to the amazing Free From Bakehouse – where there ain’t a gluten infested crumb in sight! The Free From Bakehouse stocks exclusively homemade gluten free (and some dairy free & vegan) sweet and savoury treats, from gooey and indulgent cakes to moreish jalapeno muffins and cute little GF gingerbread folk. Our favourite is their award-winning peanut butter and white chocolate blondie. It’s rich, gooey and totally irresistible. We got a big slab of it for £2.50, plenty to share.. or scoff quickly while no one’s looking… It was wonderful. An epiphany, if you will. And don’t think we’re getting carried away here – you haven’t tried it. You don’t even know. You can also get little ‘sharing’ bags of the blondies if you actually want to give any away, they’re £3. Gluten Free? Yes, yes, yes! The Verdict: 10/10 (Full Marks, Absolutely Brilliant, I Am Head Over Heels, Truly, Madly, Deeply …

beas bloomsbury gluten free afternoon tea

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury

Bea’s of Bloomsbury is a miniature chain of cafes situated across London town, with branches in St Paul’s, Farringdon and of course Bloomsbury. They do afternoon tea, which is good, but they also do a gluten free afternoon tea, which is just GREAT! We headed to the original Bloomsbury branch to try it out. Bea’s website states that they need 24 hours notice to provide a gluten free afternoon tea, but we made last minute plans and rang them only four hours before and they were able to accommodate us, so if in doubt just give them a call. The café itself is what an estate agent would describe as ‘bijoux’ – it’s tiny! There’s a sort of corridor of tables alongside the counter, but the tables further back are quite cosy. Service was a little haphazard, we got our gluten free afternoon tea because we asked for it four times and had already pre-arranged it on the phone, but the rest of the table were presented with things bearing little to no resemblance of …