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The Launch of Gluten Free Nutribix

Hold on to your hats – gluten free weetabix now EXISTS! Nutribix is a brand new cereal which has just launched, it’s 100% gluten free and it looks mysteriously like the good old Weetabix of gluten-eating times gone by. The cereal is made with the latest super grain, Sorghum. The ancient crop that has been growing in Africa for thousands of years, it contains fibre, iron, protein, vitamins and is low in fat. I was always a big weetabix fan, so really like this new gluten free variation! It’s great if you’re looking for something filling that’ll keep you going until lunch, too. Gluten Free Nutribix brings a fresh and exciting taste to people looking to transform their breakfast routine – it’s the perfect way to kick-start your morning. Nutribix is now on supermarket shelves across the UK. Has anyone else tried this brand new gluten free version of weetabix? What did you think? Find out more here: NB: There is another version of Nutrbix called ‘Gold and Grains’ – this flavour is NOT gluten free. 

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Hotel Chocolat’s Gluten Free Choccies

Luckily for us, the good people of Hotel Chocolat believe everyone should be able to include top-quality chocolate at the heart of a healthy lifestyle. So, they’ve created the ‘no gluten gift box’ (£35) – a great hamper of gluten free goodies perfect for Christmas.   This gorgeous selection is the perfect gift for any chocolate lover following a gluten-free diet. The box includes wheat free chocolates; Praline H-box, Florentine Isabelles, Salted Caramel Puddles, Strawberries and Cream Puddles, and a Mini Hazelnut Bûche. Not only is this chocolate some of the most delicious around, it’s also packaged beautifully, so it’s great for presents (or as a gift for yourself of course!) You can buy the ‘no gluten gift box’ online here, or you can see all of Hotel Chocolat’s gluten free choccies here (there are a LOT). Warning: Although all the chocolate in the no gluten gift box does not have gluten-containing ingredients, customers are asked to be aware that biscuits are handled in the same factory, so there is a ‘may contain’ warning.

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Europe’s favourite gluten-free range Schär arrives in the UK

Schär, Europe’s number one gluten-free brand, has launched its expansive range in UK stores.   I first tried Schär products while in Italy, where the gluten free offering seems much better than in the UK! I was really impressive by their gluten free cakes so couldn’t wait to try out the new goodies which have just launched. Replacing the popular DS-gluten free range, Schär brings eight new delicious products to those following a gluten-free diet in the UK. In Europe, Schär has spent decades specialising in the development of gluten-free food, producing products that rival their gluten containing equivalents in both quality and taste. Schär will rebrand existing DS-gluten-free favourites such as the Wholesome Loaves, Bontà d’Italia pizzas, Ciabatta Rolls and biscuits, along with a number of new savoury and sweet, authentic tasting products. New to the range – under the Bonta d’Italia sub-brand – are a selection of vegetarian dishes to bring a taste of Italy into your home. The Caserecce Con Pesto consists of long, smooth twists of gluten-free pasta, complemented by a silky pesto sauce …


Eat Chic’s Gluten Free & Vegan PB Cups

Eat Chic is a new artisan chocolatier based in East London that puts a modern twist on the classic American chocolate peanut butter cup, using high quality British and organic ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial flavours. We first came across them when we got a little Eat Chic peanut butter cup in our Love Snackly box (that’s a gluten free snack delivery service – check it out here). Eat Chic’s signature chocolate is 73% dark chocolate or deep milk chocolate filled with lightly sweetened peanut butter and topped with Maldon sea salt. There are a range of toppings such as organic toasted coconut and pink peppercorn, as well as varieties filled with roasted almond butter, hazelnut butter, or cashew butter in the place of peanut butter. The chocolates are handmade using high-quality British and organic ingredients; are gluten-free, palm-oil free, and preservative-free; and the dark chocolates are vegan and dairy-free.   It’s basically a guilt-free, slightly fancier version of that infamous American chocolate peanut butter cup, and we love it.

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Taste Guru: Gluten Free Snacks Delivered

Taste Guru is the latest gluten free subscription box company we’ve come across, and we think it’s one of the more impressive options on the market. It’s an American company, but they ship all over the world – us UK folks just have to pay a little bit more unfortunately. The boxes are quite a lot bigger than other gluten free snack boxes we’ve tried; there are more drinks, spreads and baking mixes rather than just cereal bars and packets of nuts. We really liked the selection in our Taste Guru box – and the best bit was we’d never come across any of the products before as they were all from the USA. Although sadly that does mean that our favourite products are going to be tricky to source here! We loved the gluten free Dutch waffle, a waffle biscuit filled with caramel and the Nocciolata organic hazelnut spread – a much healthier option than old favourite Nutella! There were also unusual things like a chia drink, made with chia seeds – a sort …