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Europe’s favourite gluten-free range Schär arrives in the UK

schar gluten free

Schär, Europe’s number one gluten-free brand, has launched its expansive range in UK stores.


I first tried Schär products while in Italy, where the gluten free offering seems much better than in the UK! I was really impressive by their gluten free cakes so couldn’t wait to try out the new goodies which have just launched.

Replacing the popular DS-gluten free range, Schär brings eight new delicious products to those following a gluten-free diet in the UK.
In Europe, Schär has spent decades specialising in the development of gluten-free food, producing products that rival their gluten containing equivalents in both quality and taste.
Schär will rebrand existing DS-gluten-free favourites such as the Wholesome Loaves, Bontà d’Italia pizzas, Ciabatta Rolls and biscuits, along with a number of new savoury and sweet, authentic tasting products.
New to the range – under the Bonta d’Italia sub-brand – are a selection of vegetarian dishes to bring a taste of Italy into your home. The Caserecce Con Pesto consists of long, smooth twists of gluten-free pasta, complemented by a silky pesto sauce for a traditional Italian treat (£2.99). Alternatively, the impressive Cannelloni with Spinach is perfect for a comforting and creamy supper (£2.99) and our famous Bonta d’Italia Margherita pizza has also been improved and is now lactose free (£2.99).
For those who like to eat gluten-free on the go, the expanded snack lines include lots of exciting new products. We’re big fans of the Breakfast Bakes, made with gluten-free oats they provide you with a source of vitamin B1, zinc and iron. The tasty bars also contain beta-glucans which can help to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. The price is quite reasonable too – £1.49 for 10 biscuits divided into two portion packs.
Other elevenses snacks include the melt in the mouth Chocolix, a crunchy gluten-free biscuit filled with caramel and smothered in chocolate. (£2.19 for a pack of five). It’s very similar to Twix – tasty! 15

Bradley Grimshaw, Commercial Director of Dr Schär UK remarks: “At Schär our mission is to make life more enjoyable for those following a gluten free diet, either through our broad range of recipes and high quality products, or via our services which can help our customers find gluten free restaurants and holidays. From staple bread lines to convenient ready meals and sweet treats, our decades of experience in research and development ensure we know more about our customers’ needs and can cater for all aspects of the gluten-free diet.”   

Schär products are now available from leading supermarkets across the UK including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose. Let us know what you think! 

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