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How to Eat Gluten Free in Rome

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Eating gluten free in the middle of Italy sounds like a nightmare, but weirdly enough it’s actually easier than here in England.

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The Italians seem to have much better knowledge about gluten free diets, testing all children for coeliac disease as soon as they reach school age. So we took a little trip to Rome last weekend to find out whether it really is possible to survive without gluten in Italy. And guess what? It was great!

We even spotted gluten free bread signs in bakeries and signs for gluten free pasta on about 50% of the restaurant menus we checked out.

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Here is a list of our favourite places to try if you’re visiting Rome soon…



Voglia di PizzaVia Dei Giubbonari
gluten free rome 6 gluten free rome 8gluten free rome 10Voglia di pizza is a restaurant in the centre of Rome, unique for its typical homemade roman dishes, which are all available gluten free! Yes, even pizza, bruschetta and pasta! For 15 years the restaurant has specialised in the preparation of gluten free Italian food – and we loved their gluten free pizzas on our visit. There are homemade pasta sauces, prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients. To conclude the meal the restaurant serves gluten-free desserts including cheesecake! And of course they serve gluten free beers, we tried the GF peroni which wasn’t bad at all. We also felt this was by far the best value meal we had in Rome at around 40 Euros for two meals and many drinks!


Gelateria Il Dolce SorrisoVia Arenula, 47
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The gelateria Il Dolce Sorriso is renowned in Rome for its mouth-watering flavours, family-run charm, and genuine character that keep its loyal clientele coming back for more. If you want more than gelato you can choose from a wide selection of yogurts, cakes and small artisanal delicacies, all made with the finest quality natural ingredients and completely gluten-free. You can find traditional flavours alongside more unusual flavours like bread and nutella, ricotta and pear, cinnamon ricotta cheese and chocolate, salted caramel, walnut and caramelized figs and tart citrus and chocolate. You can even create your own ice cream bars from the ice cream base to the white or dark chocolate coating to the decorations. 


Il Viaggio Ristorante – Via Isonzo, 14
Il Viaggio Ristorante
Accredited by the Associazione Italiana Celiachia (AIC) or Italy’s Celiac Association, the restaurant offers gluten-free options that are always full of Italian taste and flavour. It’s just around the corner from the Borghese gallery in Rome, too.


Ristorante dai Sandri di Trastevere – Via Roma Libera, 19
Ristorante dai Sandri di TrastevereThis is a good solution if you are looking for gluten-free pizza, pasta, and various well-known Italian meals in the Trastevere area. Be rest assured that everything on the menu is safe; this restaurant is also accredited by the AIC.


La Soffitta Renovatio – Piazza del Risorgimento, 46/A

There are great gluten-free pizzas and other plates served in this AIC-accredited restaurant. Located close to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s square, Renovatio is the perfect place to enjoy fried food, antipasti and amazing desserts.


Le Sorelle – Via Belsiana, 30
La Soffitta RenovatioThis is a welcoming place near the Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna. The two owners of this restaurant are famous for their monkfish in saffron sauce – enriched with slices of pumpkin in autumn – and various Roman recipes such as savor meats.


Quinzi e Gabrieli – Via delle Coppelle, 5/6
gluten free rome
The chefs of this restaurant are known for their amazing fish dishes. The focus is on simplicity, with big flavours! Ask the staff about their gluten-free options. It’s minutes from the beautiful Pantheon and Piazza Navona.


Casa Bleve – Via del Teatro Valle, 48/49
gluten free rome
Close to the Pantheon and the Mercato di Campo de’ Fiori, Casa Bleve is a must in Rome. It is an elegant restaurant that offers vegetarian choices and gluten-free meals on the a la carte list of Italian specialities. There’s also a great wine list.


Armando al Pantheon – Salita De’ Crescenzi, 31
gluten free romeAfter your visit to the Pantheon and the monumental Roman ruins, this restaurant is perfect if you’re a great vegetarian menu. Along with typical Roman dishes, you can choose from tasty soups, cheeses, and a special vegetarian menu. Also if you do not want to miss the queen of the Italian cuisine – pasta – the chef will prepare gluten-free pasta dishes for you on request.



Do you know of any other great gluten free spots in Rome? Leave us a comment!

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