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Taste Guru: Gluten Free Snacks Delivered

taste guru gluten free

Taste Guru is the latest gluten free subscription box company we’ve come across, and we think it’s one of the more impressive options on the market.

It’s an American company, but they ship all over the world – us UK folks just have to pay a little bit more unfortunately.

The boxes are quite a lot bigger than other gluten free snack boxes we’ve tried; there are more drinks, spreads and baking mixes rather than just cereal bars and packets of nuts.

taste guru gluten free

We really liked the selection in our Taste Guru box – and the best bit was we’d never come across any of the products before as they were all from the USA. Although sadly that does mean that our favourite products are going to be tricky to source here!

taste guru gluten free We loved the gluten free Dutch waffle, a waffle biscuit filled with caramel and the Nocciolata organic hazelnut spread – a much healthier option than old favourite Nutella! There were also unusual things like a chia drink, made with chia seeds – a sort of cross between a snack and a drink, and green tea in a can!

taste guru gluten free

Our favourite though had to be the brownie mix; can’t say no to a gluten free brownie, can you?

If you’d like to give Taste Guru boxes a try visit their website to sign up, we recommend getting them delivered to your office – perfect for keeping the snack attacks at bay!

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