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Glutafin’s Gluten Free Pizza Bases


For over 30 years Glutafin has provided delicious and nutritious gluten free foods to those diagnosed with coeliac disease.


Recently the brand launched new gluten free pizza bases, which are now available for those medically diagnosed with coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis.

The pizza bases come in packs of two, ours were packaged in a makeshift pizza box which was a nice touch!


The bases are very simple to prepare, you just make a quick tomato sauce (fry up onions, garlic, herbs and add a tin of chopped tomatoes – then reduce), top the bases with the sauce and pile high with whatever toppings take your fancy.

Then throw it in the oven (don’t actually throw it, please), wait 20 minutes and boom – your pizza is done!


We found the bases to be very good, not at all crumbly or weird in texture. The crusts were nice and crunchy too. If you get Glutafin foods on prescription definitely give these bases a try.

Glutafin provides an extensive selection of delicious gluten free products, range from our outstanding Fresh Bread, Long Life Bread, Rolls and Baguettes to authentic Italian Pasta and Pizza, easy to use Flour Mixes and delicious Crackers and Biscuits.

The team works with dietitians to ensure you their products provide the added nutrients you need such as calcium for strong bones, folic acid for a healthy body and natural seeds and nuts in Glutafin loaves.

What’s your favourite Glutafin product?

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