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Gluten Free Options at Big Easy, King’s Road Chelsea


Big Easy brings a taste (and the portion sizes) of the USA to London town. The crab shack was born on the King’s Road in Chelsea, but they’ve now opened a newish version of the same thing in the tourist wonderland that is Covent Garden.

We traipsed along the alarmingly fancy King’s Road to try out the very first Big Easy for a girls dinner one evening in February. We could never have fully prepared for what was about to happen.


On first impression the restaurant looked great; buzzing, lively and fun. It smelt of fried food and calories. People were smiling, some were wearing bibs. All was good.




We wandered downstairs to find a table before ordering all the margheritas. When in Rome etc.



The waitress gave us our menus, we were pleased to find the Big Easy team had good gluten free knowledge, and can provide a menu which clearly marks which dishes are suitable for gluten free diets. You can view the Big Easy gluten free menu here.


We went for BBQ chicken, which was delicious, and lobster with fries, which went down very well! We sadly couldn’t manage the lot, due to it being enough food to feed a family of eight, but we tried our very best.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 13.38.06

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 13.38.37


Other gluten free otpions at Big Easy include all the steaks, seafood dishes like Lobster Bake, Crabshack specials such as the Crabshack Combo, Surf and Turf and a few more choices.


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 13.38.15

If you’re really hungry there are other all you can eat specials at Big Easy like “LIMITLESS HOG ROAST & A SCHOONER OF CRAFT BREW” on a Wednesday, or “THE BIG PIG GIG – LIMITLESS BAR.B.Q & A SCHOONER OF CRAFT BREW” on a Monday. Big Easy does lunch and pre-theatre menus too.


The Verdict: Great comfort food – not for dieters or anyone remotely worried about their waistline!


Gluten Free: Lots of gluten free options to choose from – you won’t be left with another bloody salad. Wahoo!



Big Easy on Urbanspoon

Square Meal


  1. thebuttercupbaker says

    That place looks fab! Any chance you noticed whether they do veggie as well as gf?

    • There were a lot of seafood and meat options but I didn’t see that many veggie things.. you can check out the menu on their website though (link in the blog), I wasn’t really looking for veggie options so might have missed them!x

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