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Michelin-Starred Gluten Free Menu at Bath Priory Hotel


We were lucky enough to go on a little jaunt to Bath last weekend, staying in the rather plush Bath Priory Hotel. Not only is this a luxurious place to rest one’s head, the Bath Priory Hotel is also a sort of gluten free wonder hotel.


One of the things that makes this hotel really great is its restaurant. Alongside the more casual Pantry dining room is a Michelin-starred restaurant under the direction of Michelin-starred Executive Chef, Sam Moody.


We decided to try out Sam Moody’s seven course tasting menu, as our server informed us it would be easily adapted to make it gluten free. Music to our ears.


When we arrived for our table we were seated in the hotel’s lounge for a pre-dinner cocktail. Imagine being in Downton Abbey. It’s like that. There are huge squidgy sofas to sink into, the walls are covered in old paintings of fancy folk from times gone by and there’s a roaring log fire to warm your toes by. It’s relaxing as relaxing can be.


We sipped Champagne for a while (la di da), and then our waitress came in with some gluten free pre-dinner nibbles. These were a posh version of hummus with homemade crisps, and a tiny chicken ballotine which was quite delicious. We were excited for dinner.


bath priory gluten free

A few moments later we were told our table was ready, so wandered through to the dining room.


As soon as we sat down we were given gluten free bread, which is always a good sign. It looked (and tasted) homemade too.


bath priory gluten free


The meal began with what can only be described as the best soup in the world. It was celeriac soup, which sounds less than exciting. But it was REAL exciting. Rich and full of flavour. We wondered about licking the bowl but decided we might get thrown out.


bath priory gluten free


Then was a scallop dish, raw I believe, with a citrus twang, followed by a relevation – goose ham. Who knew there was such as thing? It was served with chicken liver parfait which is like Michelin pate.


bath priory gluten free

bath priory gluten free


Our main course had to be altered from the one on the menu as that couldn’t be made gluten free, so we were served a dish of duck, cooked rare, with veggies. This one we really enjoyed, but if you’re a bit squeamish about rare meat definitely let your server know.




The next course was whipped brie, another new one on us! It had a great texture and went very well with the shaved truffle. Posh food at its finest.


bath priory gluten free


There was a fruity panna cotta pre-dessert, and for dessert we enjoyed a gluten free peanut parfait – the peanut butter lover’s dream pudding! And not a fruit salad in sight, thank god.


bath priory gluten free

bath priory gluten free


The meal was £80 each (not including service or drinks), but we felt it was well worth the money. A delicious treat for a special occasion!


If you’d like to visit the Bath Priory hotel for a gluten free dinner or to stay book here.


  1. thebuttercupbaker says

    Hehehe, the food all looked very fancy and good…but I laughed my head off at the size of the plates with the teeny food in the middle!! What is it with Michelin-starred restaurants and GIGANTIC plates for tiny food?!!? Lol!! I’m pleased you had such a good time though; it certainly sounds as though it was a great dining experience because there were so many unusual items in there. And that gluten free bread looked lovely, though not as lovely as the peanut parfait…my GOD that looks good!

    Vikki Cook

    • It was very fancy and very tasty but yes – so small! Although we may have struggled to get through all the courses if they’d been a lot bigger! The peanut parfait was amazing amazing amazing, loved it. Also whipped brie is pretty damn delicious, who knew!! :D x

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