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How to Bake with the Zero Gluten Baker (and get 25% Off)!

zero gluten baker

We’ve never had great success baking gluten free bread from scratch – most of the time it just doesn’t work. So we were really excited to hear about the launch of this new product: the Zero Gluten Baker.

The machine, made by Imetec, is similar to the good old bread machine, but with a  gluten free twist! It’s got seven gluten-free programmes, so you can use it to make a huge range of bread and cakes, from crusty white loaves and Rolls to Italian Breads, sweet breads and cakes. 

The machine was designed with coeliacs and gluten intolerant people in mind. In the box you get a machine plus all the bits, and a recipe book packed full of all sorts of gluten free bread recipes developed by the company’s chef, there are 30 in total.

It’s reasonably easy to use, too! All you have to do is choose the recipe you want to make, bung the ingredients into the machine, press start and the rest is take care of. You could use it to make anything from a tray of chocolatey brownies to delicious white crusty bread rolls for your hangover bacon sarnie on a Saturday morning.

Admittedly there are a lot of buttons and a lot of different programmes, so there’s a fair amount of reading to be done before you know what you’re doing and when, but once you’ve got it sorted it’s really as simple as can be.

Our Trial of the Zero Gluten Baker

We tried this beast of a bread machine out this weekend, baking a ‘rustic seeded loaf’ from scratch. Ambitious, eh.

zero gluten baker

After a certain amount of head scratching as we got to grips with the myriad of buttons on this wondrous beast of a machine, we were ready to go. We put honey, water and yeast into the machine and turned it on. It began mixing, as if by magic.

zero gluten baker Two minutes later we whacked in the flour and seeds, and the machine began kneading the dough. Astounding, it was!

Around an hour later the machine required us to smooth out the dough and sprinkle seeds on top of the dough, ready for baking. We did as requested, and it just turned right into an oven and began baking the bread. Because it is a WIZARD BOX.

We then promptly forgot all about the alarming enchantments going on within the zero gluten baker and settled down to watch a (quite terrible) film. Alas – beeping!

We stormed into the kitchen to see what had happened. And to our great surprise and jubilation we found a BRAND NEW LOAF OF BREAD!

zero gluten baker

Amazing. Quite Amazing.

zero gluten baker


How to Get a Zero Gluten Baker

If you want to get yourself one of these magic boxes you can buy them online, for £199. Get 25% off with our offer code: ZERO25.

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