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Gluten Free Steak at Hawksmoor, Air Street

hawksmoor gluten free

Hawksmoor is a proper British steakhouse. The food is to die for (many cows have, in fact), the interior is super plush and the service is quick, friendly and efficient.

We will not beat about the bush here; we are obsessed with steak. And steak doesn’t get much better than Hawksmoor’s 400g ribeye of wonderment and glory. It’s an experience. A good one.

hawksmoor gluten free

We visited the Air Street (just off Regent Street) Hawksmoor of a winter’s evening, and what awaited us did shock and amaze. Upon arrival we were guided upstairs by a waitress who seemed determined to escape us. She quickly did this, depositing us with another lady entirely, whose job it was to show us to the table.

hawksmoor gluten free

We then walked for about 18 miles through the gigantic restaurant, the aromas of all the world’s meat filling our brains with a sort of happy steak-fog.

Having been seated and presented with wine, we made the correct decision of ribeye, times two, with chips and béarnaise sauce.

hawksmoor gluten free

Not long after, a life changing plate of food did appear before us. This steak doesn’t look that great in the photo, but that’s because the restaurant is basically pitch black, with only the happiness of London’s greediest carnivores providing small pockets of light.

Rest assured, the steak at Hawksmoor is fantastic. Cooked just how you like, soft like butter and meaty like meat. That’s how we’d describe it; we have a way with words, wouldn’t you say?


Gluten Free Options at Hawksmoor

Of course a steakhouse is a very gluten free friendly choice, but Hawksmoor have gone one better by providing an allergen menu with a traffic light system showing what’s gluten free, what can be made gluten free and what’s not safe at all. Just ask your waiter to see it. Of course the steak is fine, and many of the sauces are good too.


The Hawksmoor Cocktail Bar

After demolishing half a cow we rolled into the adjacent cocktail bar, because if we’d attempted to negotiate the stairs so soon afterwards it would surely have ended in disaster. Messy disaster.

hawksmoor gluten free

We picked two cocktails, but were told one was too bitter and we wouldn’t like it. So the barman made us something special, with raspberries and enough alcohol to set the town alight. They were both delicious, and not too badly priced for the area at £9.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The true alcoholics amongst you should order something called a ‘zombie’. This giant bowlful of booze isn’t actually on the menu because it’s probably illegal, but if you mutter it to the barman he’ll laugh uproariously and knock one up for you.


The Verdict: 

Expensive but worth it, we’d eat here every day if we could. Great gluten free menu and very knowledgeable staff too.  Top marks from us!

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  1. thebuttercupbaker says

    Haha! I can’t relate to the steak (I’m a veggiesaur) but ohhh yes, I know zombies! One of my favourite cocktails and every now and again, I can talk the lovely barman at the pub I help a friend do a quiz at on Wednesday nights to do me a small glass of one. SO good!
    Anyway, even I have to admit, the steak sounds pretty awesome. I like the fact that there’s a cocktail bar attached to the restaurant as well. You shouldn’t have to choose between cocktails and food, as far as I’m concerned. You should be able to enjoy both under the same roof! Glad you had a great time. :0)

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