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Brunch at the Breakfast Club

brekky club gluten 2

We’ve been singing the praises of gluten free friendly brunch/lunch spot The Breakfast Club for a while now, but we’ve actually only just visited for the meal it’s famed for… breakfast!


The London Bridge outpost is our preferred Breakfast Club, not least because it’s got a top secret bar in the basement which can only be accessed if you tell your waiter that you “want to get lucky” (be brave – do it).


brekky club gluten


When we visited for brunch it was a cold, wintry day and we were famished – so don’t judge us for the amount of food we ordered! First we went for coffees (so good) and a delicious blueberry smoothie – which tasted oh so fresh, and was a real generous portion too. We were high on sugar for days.


brekky club gluten 4


Then our food arrived; there are plenty of gluten free breakfast items on the Breakfast Club menu, click here to see our blog of the entire gluten free menu. This time we picked the interestingly named ‘chorizo hash browns’… and what arrived did shock and amaze us (in a good way, of course).


brekky club gluten 3


Precariously balanced atop a huge mountain of chorizo sausages, mushrooms and fried potato bits was TWO fried eggs. TWO. It wasn’t at all the hash brown we had expected, but it was pretty damn delicious nonetheless.


Sadly we didn’t make it through the massive pile of food, so it seems we’ll have to return another day to try again. Ho hum.


If you want to try lunch at The Breakfast Club check out our review here.

For the full gluten free menu from The Breakfast Club take a look at this post.



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