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Gluten Free Chicken Cravings at Nandos

nandos gluten free

The peri peri chicken temple of Nandos can do very little wrong, in our eyes. When it comes to eating out gluten free this is one of the best chain restaurants around.


The entire menu is clearly marked with which dishes are suitable for coeliacs and which aren’t, take a look here and click the little ‘i’ by the dish you fancy to check if it’s safe.


nandos gluten free


The best part is all the peri peri bastings they use for chicken are 100% gluten free, no matter how hot you want that chicken!


nandos gluten free


Too wimpy to go for anything stronger, we tried the medium hot peri peri chicken with a side order of fries (yep, they’re gluten free too!) and coleslaw. The food arrived incredibly fast, great if you’re in a rush or famished like we were. You probably don’t need us to tell you what Nandos chicken tastes like, but we’ll just say it is good. Real good!


nandos gluten free


Yes, the chips are clearly not home made and no it’s not a gourmet dining experience, but for quick, good value food that you know is going to be safe, you can’t go wrong at Nandos. Just let the staff know when you place your order that you’re gluten free and they’ll pass the message on to the kitchen to be extra vigilant.


Find your nearest Nandos here.

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