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What’s Gluten Free at Caffe Nero?

gluten free caffe nero

Caffe Nero was once of the first big coffee shops to adopt gluten free options. Here’s what you can choose from when the caffeine-cravings hit:


gluten free caffe nero

Most branches stock a gluten free chicken, salad and pesto roll, which uses bread made by leading gluten free brand Genius. It’s delicious and totally coeliac-friendly as it comes in its own packaging and isn’t toasted. We have tried this several times and it’s always delicious, with lots of filling and a great pesto flavour.

Baked Treats:

gluten free caffe nero

If you’re after something sweet the coffee shop also has a gluten free double chocolate brownie, which is also wrapped up and kept away from the muffins etc, as well as a gluten free coconut and raspberry slice, which is also suitable for those avoiding dairy, however it does contain eggs.

gluten free caffe nero

We’d love to see a few more gluten free sandwich options, particularly a sandwich suitable for vegetarians, but we’re really glad to finally find a gluten-free bakery option that isn’t a brownie! What else would you like to see at Caffe Nero?

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