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Gluten Free Japanese Cuisine at Feng Sushi

gluten free feng sushi

Eating out when you’re gluten free can be tough, but it’s definitely not at Feng Sushi!

Japanese food is a winner if you’re avoiding gluten anyway, because hardly any of it naturally contains gluten.

Feng Sushi have gone one step further though, marking all gluten free dishes on the menu and even introducing a gluten free platter option.

We visited their Borough Market restaurant on a busy Friday night, and found the sushi to be great quality, and the service faultless. We ordered a few sushi rolls – our favourite being the classic Salmon & Avocado Maki, as well as the Sashimi Selection, which includes three salmon, three tuna, MSC ikura and three local mackerel – all were fresh and tasty as can be.

We weren’t hungry enough to actually order it, but if you’re dining in a larger group the gluten free sharing platter would be a great choice – it includes black rice noodles with marinaded tofu and a vinaigrette dressing, edamame, salmon and tuna sashimi, salmon and tuna nigiri and the Autumn boost seasonal sushi roll, with tamari.

Feng Sushi has nine locations in London, you can order sushi to be delivered, pick up a takeaway in-store or dine in their restaurants.

Gluten Free: Absolutely


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