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Namaasté Kitchen, Camden

Murgh Malai Tikka

Camden isn’t much of a foodie paradise. I can only assume that those who reside there don’t actually eat, they’re all too busy dying their hair ironic shades of neon and clumping about in ten stone shoes to notice the calls of hunger. I guess they starve, in the end. A sad tale. If they do take time out from their frighteningly-cool lives to have a bite to eat though the Camden folk go to Naamaste, because it’s the only decent eating establishment in the area. And because cool people like Indian cuisine.

photo 1

The restaurant actually calls itself an ‘Indian bar’ which is a downright lie. It’s a restaurant. A restaurant which does a gluten free menu, with staff that know all about the gluten monster. Hurrah.

You can get a 30% off menu if you book through Time Out, but then they do that intensely irritating thing of treating you like a second class citizen because you have taken them up on their offer. I call this ‘the Groupon effect’. If I returned I’d go for full price, but I won’t. This is why.

We ordered starters. Murgh Malai Tikka and Sheek Kebab. They took a million years to arrive. We enquired about their whereabouts. They arrived within seconds. They couldn’t have obeyed the laws of time, that’s how quickly we found them plonking their startery faces in front of us. Good, we thought. They are here.

They were stone cold.

They had been forgotten.

We complained.

They were whisked away in the blink of an eye.

They made their way back to table, piping hot.

The same ones.

They had been microwaved. 

I know this happened because I took a bite out of my chicken, but before returning said bitten chicken to me the cunning kitchen staff turned it around so I wouldn’t notice. But I did notice. Just call me Sherlock.

Anyhow taste-wise they weren’t too bad, but the microwave effect made them all soggy and nothing to write home about. So I won’t.

Annoyingly the main courses were really good. I had monkfish tail in a tomatoey curry sauce with basmati rice – a massive portion and most delicious too.

Monkfish Tail

Monkfish Tail

Boy had Dhansak. Here it is.



Overall the bill came to around £50, which with a bottle of wine and two courses isn’t bad at all. But the service really let the place down. There was no ‘oh I’m terribly sorry your starters are cold because we forgot them’. It annoyed me. So I can’t recommend Naamaste, much as I would’ve liked too once I tasted that monkfish!

The Verdict: Don’t bother.

Gluten Free: Yep, a whole gluten free menu. But see above.


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