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Churchill Arms, Kensington


The Churchill Arms looks, to any unsuspecting human being, passerby, tourist or house pet, like your average pub. Possibly above average actually, for the owners have decorated it lovingly in the flowers of a thousand gardens. Food wise, though, it is something out of the ordinary. Read on for mysteries revealed…


The Churchill Arms does not serve burgers. It does not serve chips. It does not even serve steaks. It is (shock horror) a Thai Food Establishment. But before you go off shaking your head in disgust at this Proper British Pub sacrilege, I urge you to give the little public house a chance. The Thai food here is not an afterthought. It is the star of the show, the centre piece, the be all and end all of The Churchill Arms.


Begin with prawn crackers because they come with sweet chilli dip which is lovely. These are King of crackers – homemade and tasty and all in all much better than your usual pub crisps and nuts and rubbish of that ilk.

Then pick a curry, pad thai or stir fried meat concoction. You can navigate using the handy butterfly rating system they have thought up. One is for mild, two for spicy, three for oh dear god no. Beware the three butterfly dish.


Everything is the same price, everything comes in prawn, chicken, duck or veggie variety. Everything tastes great. The Thai Red Curry is magic. Go nuts.


In other news the ladies bathrooms are certainly worth a visit for sightseeing alone. The entire place appears to have been decorated by a six year old child after a ten hour Haribo binge. The doors have been adorned with a galaxy of sparkly butterfly stickers. You can barely fit into the cubicles for all the pot plants and foliage. Each and every nook, cranny and corner is home to a goblin or some such magical character. It is marvellous.

Gluten Free? There are many rice dishes and stir frys that are suitable – avoid the noodles and watch out for the soy sauce…

P.s. Booking is very much essential. The Churchill Arms is full all the time, because it is good.

The Verdict: Fantastic, actually.



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